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Review the Reviewers: CNET

January 16th 2011 - By laurenzbaars

The reviews of CNET really epitomize or exemplify everything that is wrong with reviews and consumer purchasing choices.  The people at CNET try to reduce the entire camera industry is reduced to numbers - amount of megapixels, length of the lens, highest ISO, and frames per second.  While it may be useful to look at these parameters, in reality they are a very small part of what should be taken into account in a review of a camera.

As stated before the most important parameter is image quality.  The problem with reviewing image quality is that not many people know how to describe image quality, much less perform the analysis.  No I do not mean ISO performance when I speak of image quality. 

This is similar to what happens at the retail level.  Cameras are lined up based on megapixels, with the newer cameras boasting better ISO performance as well.  The problem with the CNET site is that they claim to be reviewing the camera when all they really do is just list the specifications.   Does anyone look at the pictures anymore? 

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